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Spiritual seeking has guided my steps since my early age and with photography has taken me to the heart of world affairs.


I like to tell stories and in order to do so, I have to experience it. I am the filter through which my reportages were built.

I lived for months, sometimes years with homeless in Spanish Harlem, Kurds refugees, prostitutes in India... I forged bonds, shared meals, pain, played with children, meditate the ocean.

My life and my work have always been intertwined and sometimes my life become a story to share. 

In this sharing, sometimes there is comfort, appeasement.

Friends, family, the fiancée, the bereavement, and today the advancing of age that makes the earth shake a little under my feet.

In the experience of the multiplicity of the world I explore my individuality, in nature, among trees, I finally meet the unity, the absolute. In the ocean I rest, I listen to the peace that resonates and then once again I recount.

I could say that my best work is one where my brain is not in control, but simply present as technical support.

More than me looking at the lens, it is the lens that looks into me and makes me react.

Expressing the poetry of existence, the order behind chaos, the silence behind noise, beauty not as an aesthetic category but as an essential quality of life.


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