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A nomad from the start Helen Margaret Giovanello, was born in London but grew up in Turin, Italy.

Captivated by art and the diversity of expressions, she moved to Paris. She enrolled in Philosophy and Human Sciences courses, then she flew to New York where in 1996, she graduated from the ICP International Center of Photography.

In New York she took her first Iyengar Yoga classes, a practice that she integrated as a singular field of study of the link between body and mind.

As photojournalist, Helen has chosen to document the human condition in an intimate and personal way. Her reportages are published and exhibited internationally (The NY Times, Le Monde, Newsweek, Courrier International, L'Espresso).

"Survivors, lives on a street line" a three-year immersion in the life of a homeless couple in Spanish Harlem NY is her first longterm project.

Helen spent 2003 in India, to document HIV-Aids as well the sex workers daily life in Kamathipura, the red-light district of Mumbai.


Regular ‘Satsangs’ with the spiritual master Ramesh Balsekar introduced her to the Advaïta current. This immersion in the heart of the human spirit will never leave her. In the USA, she visits Robert Wolfe in Ojai CA, for his teachings.

In 2004, having obtained a grant from The Planethood Foundation, Helen moved to Gulu North Uganda to document the social repercussions of one of the longest African wars. There she got married and adopted a child.

Back in Paris Helen divorced in 2009 and travelled to Andhra Pradesh, to produce “Regards sur le Sida” a book on HIV-Aids in rural India for ngo's Help India Trust.

In 2016  ed. Hachette Marabout published her book of recipes and lifestyle based on Yoga and Ayurveda "108 Chakra Soupes"

Her recent work has been nourished by the study of Shambala Buddhist contemplative photography, as well inspired by Japanese Wabi-Sabi.

In 2019 her work “L’Arbre”, received the "717 Lobby, ICP Alumni Fellowship Award" by Cushman & Wakefield 717 5th Ave New York.

Helen lives between Paris and Biarritz, in the Basque Country. and continues to evolve with photography, writing and yoga.



 Awards & Exhibitions

  • Jan-June  2021"L'Arbre","717 Lobby, ICP Alumni Fellowship Award". Exhibition at Cushman & Wakefield 717 5th Ave New York.​

  • 2019 the photograph “Floating” received the Honorable Mention at the IPA International Photography Awards. 

  • 2015, the photographs “Paris’ Springtime” received the Honorable Mention at the IPA International Photography Awards. 

  • July 2009 “Regards sur le Sida en Inde”. Aids in rural India. Solo exhibition in Villefranche-de-Rouergue, South of France.

  • May 2007 “Diary from an unfashionable war” North Uganda, at 11th International photojournalism show Istanbul, Turkey.​

  • 2007 “Primavera Italiana” a photography book was published in Tokyo, Japan, featuring a selection of Helen’s fine-art photographs.

  • January 2007 “Kamathipura” red-light district. Solo show and conference at The Museum of Photography, Brescia, Italy.​

  • October 2005 “Children of the Night” North Uganda, at 10th International photojournalism show Istanbul, Turkey.

  • 2005 the photograph “My son’s boots, Sue Niederer was finalists of the 2005 Gordon Parks award

  • September 2004 “Kamathipura” Mumbai red-light district at 9th International photojournalism show Istanbul, Turkey.

  • May 2004 “Ladies Only” the Asian-Photography show at Life and Time Building New York.

  • April 2004 “Ladies Only” at “The image world” show at The international Center of Photography, New York.

  • January 2004​ “I love You” an intimate and frank portrayal of love amidst the daily march of loss.  Was one of the duo show “Faces of Love” Curate by Mr. Denis Curtis at NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo’, New York.

  • October 2002 “Boxing in Ghana” Artist Studio day, Hoboken, New Jersey.

  • March 2001 “Boxing in Ghana” solo show at the HOBO Gallery, Torino, Italy​

  • November/December1999 “Survivors, lives on a street line” solo show at the Galleria Fine Torino, Italy 

  • September 1999 “Survivors, lives on a street line” International Biennale di Fotografia, Torino Italy.  

  • December 1998 “The Electric Blanket” world traveling installation organized the photographer Frank Franca at Manhattan Borough College. New York.

  • September 1998 “Kurdish Refugees” exhibition for the event “Identità e Differenza”, Torino Italy.

  • June 1996 International Center of Photography "The final exhibition" at Crosby St Gallery Soho New York.

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